Memorandum of Cooperation

By joining the Memorandum of Cooperation, each party recognize:
– the importance and growing need for exchange of information about entrepreneurship in rural areas;
– well-supported territorial planning policies;
– commits to cooperate including through use of this IT tool for networking.

Memorandum of Cooperation for SmartRural Network of Stakeholders for the enhancement of entrepreneurship in rural areas in the BalkanMED countries.

The Memorandum is a non-binding agreement, that outlines terms and details of a mutual cooperation. Along with the SmartRural Support Centers it will provide sustainability of the Network after the end of the Project.



The long-term sustainability of a networking process depends on ensuring close cooperation after the end of the Project between Stakeholders and Support Centers. This Memorandum of Cooperation is a tool that will help achieve sustainability of the business-oriented transnational network, based on ever-increasing data and information needs.

Recognizing the need for exchange of quality information amongst all Project countries – Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Republic of North Macedonia, in the areas of (a) Entrepreneurship in rural areas, Labor and Employment, (b) Diversification of the rural economies, (c) Advantages in Green, Blue, Tourism industries & Social economy, (d) Education, professional development and vocational training;

Recognizing the need for sharing common resources that shall enable the access to specialized information and services, thus enabling the creation of Network of Stakeholders that will help the adoption of best practices in the aforementioned areas;

Recognizing that such a type of stakeholders and experts resource management requires easy access to a wide spectrum of high quality data, information and content from national and international sources to provide the basis for successful synergies, technology transfer and sound decision-making;

Recognizing that the Internet and related technologies provide a means of obtaining, accessing, and distributing thematic resources-related information quickly and efficiently and that cooperation increases the capacity for sharing information across borders;

Recognizing the need to cooperate in order to promote coordination and collaboration towards the goal of enhancing global access to thematic resources-related information;


Have agreed as follows:

1. Objective
1.1. The signers of this Memorandum agree to jointly pursue working relations to facilitate the provision of their individual resources through SmartRural Network. The objective of this Memorandum is to establish a framework to further implementation of best practices necessary in order to share knowledge and information relevant to the aforementioned areas. This Memorandum provides means of articulating a shared vision concerning project purpose, scope, goals, timelines, and services. The activities undertaken through this Memorandum of will promote knowledge and experience of SmartRural Model addressed to enterprises & policy-makers for planning & decision making, by utilizing SmartRural tools, and will create a high level of awareness and networking among the Parties to this Memorandum.

2. Responsibilities of Participants
It is agreed that the primary responsibilities of Participants will include, but are not limited to:
2.1. Collaborate and promote the exchange of data and technical information relevant to the identified areas;
2.2. Participate, as appropriate, in workshops, network meetings, events, and other activities organized by SmartRural Network to address capacity-building, technical approaches, policy issues and other concerns of mutual interest;
2.3. Promote awareness among the Participants of the SmartRural Network by making information about SmartRural Project and Network activities, technical approaches, and information resources available through Participant’s communication channels;
2.4. Facilitate, as appropriate, communication of all activities developed under and related to this Memorandum of Cooperation.

3. Responsibilities of SmartRural Network
It is agreed that the primary responsibilities of the SmartRural Network will include, but are not limited to:
3.1. Work collaboratively with Participant on the development and implementation of SmartRural Project and Network activities in an efficient manner;
3.2. Ensure that Participant’s data available through SmartRural Network is timely, accurate, and easily accessible and relevant to Network users.
3.3. Share with Participant, within the limits of available resources, expertise and knowledge and other information sharing issues;
3.4. Facilitate, as appropriate, the communication of all activities developed under, and related to, this Memorandum of Cooperation to Network Members.

4. Disclaimer
4.1. Information transmitted by one Party to the other Party under this Memorandum of Cooperation shall be as accurate as possible, but the transmitting Party does not warrant the suitability or authenticity of the information transmitted for any particular use or application by the receiving Party or by any third party.

5. Entry into Force and Termination
5.1. The present Memorandum will enter into force upon signature by the representative of the Participant and the representative of the SmartRural Network.
5.2. The Memorandum is a non-binding agreement voluntarily concluded by the Parties. Either party may withdraw its support without penalty or liability by giving written notice of its intentions to the SmartRural Networking Office.

By joining this Memorandum of Cooperation, we recognize the importance and growing need for exchange of quality information about entrepreneurship in rural areas and well-supported territorial planning policies, and commit ourselves to cooperating, including through use of IT tool for networking.

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