SmartRural Network

Enhancement of entrepreneurship in rural areas based on the principles of innovation, sustainable economic growth and increase of wellbeing




Republic of North Macedonia

About SmartRural Network

The ultimate goal of SmartRural Stakeholder Network is the creation of transnational cooperation for the enhancement of entrepreneurship in rural areas for four Balkan countries.

SmartRural Network consists of technical infrastructure and Members. It is based on the principles of innovation, sustainable economic growth and increase of wellbeing.

IT tool for networking informs about the Support centers activities and the network scheduled events, contains a brief description of the Network Members and connect them by providing communication tools.

Stakeholder Questionnaire

Completing Stakeholder Questionnaire you will provide us with valuable feedback that will help us to determine your interest, influence and level of participation to SmartRural Project.

Memorandum of Cooperation

The Memorandum is a non-binding agreement, that outlines terms and details of a mutual cooperation. It will provide sustainability of the Network after the end of the Project.

SmartRural Network Member

Members benefit from having access to information regarding the business opportunities in the rural areas & receive support to start new or expand their existing enterprises.

This IT tool for networking has been developed as a communication tool for project SmartRural to inform partners and stakeholders about the center’s activities, the network’s scheduled events and presents a platform for network members to exchange business ideas, information and possibilities for development of the rural sector and rural economy in the intervention area.